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The discounts that we offer are the following:

  • Multi policy discounts for Auto and Homeowners/Condo/Renter policies.
  • Multi driver Auto discounts for the second, third and fourth driver.
  • Multi car Auto discounts for the second, third and fourth auto.
  • Safe Driver Discounts for Auto policies.
  • Accident Free for 5-year discounts for Auto policies.
  • Group affiliation discounts if a member of many National organizations.
  • Claim free discounts for Homeowner policies.
  • Claim free discounts for Commercial policies.
  • Paperless Policy discounts.
  • Monthly Automatic Bank Draft discounts.
  • Good Student discount for high school and college students up to the age of 25 for auto policies.
  • Farm Bureau discounts for full members on Auto and Farm policies.
  • Life insurance and Annuity financial discounts on a multitude on policies.
  • Usage based Auto policies that provide super discounts on auto policies for drivers that drive under 4,000 miles per year.
  • Smart Ride discounts for Auto polices via an App or device that you plug into your cars diagnostic system that monitors your driving habits.
  • New vehicle discounts for Auto policies.
  • Passive Restraint discounts for vehicle safety feature.
  • Anti-Theft discounts for Auto policies.
  • New roof, new electric service, new cooling/heating system, and new plumbing discounts for Homeowners policies.
  • Homeowner discount if you have a Pet policy with Nationwide Insurance.
  • RV and Motor Sport discounts for Homeowners policies.

Contact us today to learn more, or to see if you qualify today!

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