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Farm Insurance in Saint Mary’s, PA

Farm insurance aims to help provide financial protection for farmers and ranchers when unexpected events threaten the farm’s ability to make money. Farm insurance is a group of policies and endorsements tailored to help meet the needs of your farm and ranch operations.

The agents at Pacelli Insurance Agency in Saint Mary’s, Pennsylvania, can help you get appropriate farm insurance coverage at a great rate.

What Does Farm Insurance Cover?

Farm and ranch insurance coverage may include the following:

  • Livestock—A farm’s livestock provides an essential source of revenue. This coverage may help pay to replace animals lost to a covered event.
  • Supplies—This coverage may help pay to replace farm products, including tools, feed, silage, fertilizers, pesticides and grain lost or damaged in a covered event.
  • Farm machinery and equipment—This coverage may help pay to replace your farm’s combines, tractors, irrigation systems, computers and other specialized equipment after a covered event.

What Is Crop Insurance?

Crop insurance may provide two main types of coverage, including:

  • Crop revenue insurance—This coverage may help farmers if their yields are lower than usual or if prices are low by helping to insure against large crop price swings.
  • Multiple peril crop insurance (MPCI)— This coverage may help cover lower yields and crop losses caused by natural events, including fire, flooding, destructive weather, drought or insect damage. Farmers can also purchase crop-hail insurance as a supplement to MPCI.

Farmers can purchase crop insurance for more than 100 different commodities, including the following:

  • Rangeland
  • Perennials
  • Crops such as corn, soybeans and wheat
  • Apiculture (beekeeping)
  • Pasture
  • Oysters
  • Crops not planted annually, such as citrus or apples

What Is Equine Liability Insurance?

Equine liability insurance could be an essential part of your ranch insurance policy. It may help cover an organization’s legal liability for third-party injuries and property damage. Depending on your risks and exposures, your agent may recommend that you also purchase the following related coverages:

  • Equine professional liability insurance
  • Private horse owners’ liability insurance
  • Care, custody and control liability insurance
  • Riding club insurance
  • Horse show, clinic or equestrian events insurance
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability

How to Get Farm Insurance

Pennsylvania farmers and ranchers need appropriate farm insurance to help protect their organization’s ability to make a profit. Contact Pacelli Insurance Agency today to get started building a custom farm insurance plan.

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